Ali 3329E Zeta - On Boot Problem

This loader to solve the ( ON/BOOT) Error

Please follow the steps exactly for no error

01 - Make sure you unit is on.. the front panel (ON) or (BOOT)
02 - Start the loader ALI 3329E_error by Nadim.exe
03 - Press Browse to chose the software (3329E.abs)
04 - Press next wait till the loader start working.
05 - If the loader doesn't work just restart your unit and wait.
06 - If the loader doesn't start then your unit is defected please go the service center.
07 - When loading the first part the loader will ask you to press next please do.
08 - After the loader finish please don't do anything just watch your unit display and wait.
09 - The boot word on the panel will start flashing then it will show loading.
10 - Just wait till the unit start normaly.
11 - Good day your unit have been saved.
12 - Upgade with the latest software an enjoy.

Zeta (ali3329E)

SR-X5300 USB
SR-X6300 USB
EL-5060 2CA USB
EL-3030 IR USB
samsat 450 uSB
MAX S202 E
fortec 4700 Satellite Receiver
echosonic esr9090HDMI

Ali 3329E Zeta - On Boot Problem.rar
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